Ready to get started? This guide will help bring you up to speed with everything we included in the box.


The V-One Gets Very Hot

Safety Heat

The printing platform is a multipurpose heater that dries ink and reflows solder paste. Do not touch the V-One while the LEDs are glowing red – this means it is hot and unsafe to touch. Do not leave the V-One unattended while the heater is on.

Printing Materials

Safety Beaker

The V-One comes with two cartridges of printing materials: conductive ink, and solder paste. Treat these materials as you would any other household chemicals. Do not eat or drink anything when handling them. If you get any on your skin, wash your hands with soap and water. For more information, please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Watch out for Pinch Points

Safety Pinch

Keep your fingers away from moving parts that may pinch you.

Watch Out For Sharp Tools

Safety Prick

The V-One accessories include dispensing nozzles and board mounting clamps. These accessories are sharp, handle with care.

Software Installation

Drivers – Windows

Before you install the V-One software it is important to install the printer drivers. Most connection issues experienced are because the wrong drivers are being used. Remember to install the drivers with administrator privileges.

Drivers – Mac OSX

If you are using the latest OSX, Apple’s native drivers should automatically work with the V-One out of the box. There is no need to install a separate driver.

Desktop Application

Download the V-One software installer for your operating system. Open the file and install on your system. 

Check the Release Notes for information on bug fixes and updates.  

Unpacking Your V-One

Once you’ve opened the box, remove the layers of foam one by one. Place them aside for now, and remove the V-One from the box.

 Avoid picking the V-One up by the bridge. Instead, use two hands and lift it from the base.

The V-One comes with:

  • 3 caps
  • 2 dispensing units
  • 2 board clamps
  • 1 probe
  • 1 conductive ink cartridge
  • 1 solder paste cartridge
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 power cable
  • 1 starter kit – 10 small substrates, 6 large substrates, 2 template boards, 4 dispensing nozzles, 4 thumb screws, 2 solder wire spools, 1 burnishing pad, 1 Hello World circuit kit

Printer Anatomy

Take some time to get comfortable with the parts of the V-One. We will be working with them over the next couple of sections.


Diagram Probe


Diagram Dispenser


Diagram V One


Assemble Dispensers

 The V-One comes with 2 identical dispensers for the 2 ink cartridges: conductive ink and solder paste. Now that you are familiar with the parts, you can start assembling the V-One dispensers.

 Be sure the dispenser’s plunger is fully retracted before assembling. If the plunger is too far out it can push ink out during assembly.

  1. Remove the dispensing cap from the cartridge sheath. Remove the green lids from the conductive ink cartridge.
  2. Insert conductive ink cartridge into the sheath with the ink level visible through the viewing window.
  3. Twist the dispensing unit back into the cartridge sheath.
  4. Carefully twist the nozzle onto the end of the cartridge.

 The conductive ink cartridge is used in the video. The same procedure applies for assembling the solder paste dispenser.

Setting Up Your V-One

  1. Find a spot for your V-One.
    • A flat, level surface with minimum vibration is optimal.
    • A well ventilated area is recommended.
    • Do not place the V-One on a surface that is susceptible to heat damage.
    • Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures – room temperature is ideal.
  2. Connect your V-One.
    • Connect the USB cable to the V-One, then to your computer. 
    • Connect the power cable to the V-One, then to an outlet. 
  3. Open the Voltera V-One software.
    The V-One may require a firmware update on startup. Do not disconnect or turn off the V-One during the firmware update!

Now you are almost ready to get printing! Review the next two sections to learn more about the V-One while printing your Hello World circuit.

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