Broken Nozzle

A broken nozzle will cause all kinds of problems when printing, and should be avoided at all costs. Inspect the tip of the nozzle before each print to check if it has been damaged, as shown below.

Broken Nozzle

Nozzle Breaking During Handling

4 nozzles were included with your V-One - follow the assembly guide to swap the nozzle. 

Take care when removing the cap to avoid breaking nozzles. Twist the cap and pull away from the dispenser in a straight line.

 The dispensing nozzles are very fragile! Make sure to cap the dispensers when you are done using them. The cap will protect the nozzle from accidental bumps.

Nozzle Breaking During Printing

  1. Is the Bottom Z Limit Switch clean? The bottom Z switch is the metal switch located underneath the printer carriage when it is in the home position. If there is ink residue on the switch, this can cause incorrect height calibration. Refer to the printer maintenance guide for cleaning instructions.
  2. Is the Probe tip clean? Residue on the probe can cause height calibration issues.  
  3. Did the printer, board, or clamps move? Do not touch the V-One during printing or probing. This can void the precise calibration required for printing, and require re-probing. 
  4. In Advanced Controls, Make sure that the Z value is set to 0.100, as shown in the image. If it has changed, use  and  to adjust it back. 
  5. RE-PROBE the board.

For more information, see the height calibration guide for information on how height calibration works.

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