Circuit Load Errors

Circuit loading errors can happen when either the circuit design or the gerber file formatting is incompatible with the Voltera V-One.

Refer to the Circuit Design and Export Guide for information on design compatibility with the Voltera V-One. If your circuit design conforms to the design rules, look ahead to the debugging section.

Gerber Debugging

If your circuit design conforms to the V-One design specifications above and you are still getting errors, it is possible that there is a problem with the gerber formatting. Although there is a published standard for gerber files , the reality is that each ECAD software version will export gerbers slightly differently.

Opening the Gerber with Gerbv

We have found that Gerbv is a useful interface for debugging issues with generic gerber files. Gerbv is an open source gerber viewer with basic functionality for gerber editing by removing features from the gerber file.  

  1. Download and install Gerbv. Open the program and have your gerbers ready. 
  2. In the main window, navigate to File>Open Layer(s).
  3. Select the problematic gerber file. The gerber file should now load in the gerber viewer. 
File Loaded

Debugging with GerbV

Create and Test File Copy

Creating a copy of the gerber with Gerbv will often solve simple gerber formatting issues, since Gerbv automatically re-formats the gerber file when it makes a copy. 

  1. Visually inspect the gerber file to ensure it has been exported correctly. 
  2. Navigate to File>Save Active Layer as... and name the file copy. 
  3. Open the copied gerber file in the V-One software. 

Remove Non-Standard Features

Custom pad shapes and non-standard copper layer features (like board outlines, images, or formatted text) can sometimes cause problems in gerber processing. To solve these issues, we recommend that you remove suspect features and re-load the gerber in the V-One software. 

Editing the gerber file is permanent! Make sure to use a copy of the original gerber when debugging. 

  1. Click and drag in the viewer window to select the all instances of the suspect feature. It's important to remove all occurrences of the feature, or the file will still fail to load.  
  2. Delete the selected features by pressing the Delete key.

  3. Save the file, and attempt to open it in the V-One software. 
  4. If the file still has issues, choose another feature type and repeat steps 1-3

Once the problematic feature is determined, remove it from the circuit design and re-generate your gerber files. The circuit should now load without issues. 

If the problem persists, contact us at [email protected]. We recommend attaching your design files to help diagnose the issue.

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