No Ink Coming Out

If you're experiencing no ink coming out of the print head during printing it may be due to one of a few key reasons.

Extrusion Motor Stalling

If the dispensing motor makes an unusual noise during printing and no ink comes out, the motor is stalling. The motor is trying to rotate the dispenser gear but there is too much resistance. This happens when you have run out of ink or the nozzle is clogged. Replace your ink cartridge, or see instructions for addressing clogged nozzles below.

Incorrectly Primed

When you rotate the dispenser gear clockwise, the pusher moves downwards. When priming, rotate the gear so that ink barely starts to come out, then rotate it back ¼ turn.

Too much ink will be dispensed if you did not rotate back enough. Not enough ink will be dispensed if you rotated back too much.

Tip: Do not rotate the gear by hand after finishing a print. If handled correctly, the next time you use the V-One the dispensers will already be primed and ready to go!

Clogged Nozzle

If you turn the dispenser gear clockwise and you feel resistance but ink is not coming out, then the nozzle is probably clogged.

Did you store them in the fridge? Ink must be stored in low temperatures when not in use. Leaving the ink at room temperature for a long time will cause the ink to dry and harden.

From time to time, nozzles may still clog even if ink was stored properly. Follow our assembly guide to learn how to swap the nozzle.

Note: Never try to clear a clog by brute force. The dispensing pusher will pierce the white plunger and you will destroy your ink cartridge.

Out of Ink

Confirm you still have ink left in the syringe. Look at the viewing window in the sheath and ensure the white plunger is not pushed all the way down to the tip of the syringe. If you have run out of ink, contact us to purchase a new ink cartridge.

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