Pad Location

Aligning to the Exact Center

When locating a pad, the tip of the probe nozzle must be positioned as close as possible to the center of the selected pad.

Start by doing coarse adjustment with the probe in the raised position. For this step, you only need to approximately locate the pads. Use the arrow keys to move the probe close to the highlighted pad. 

Finish by doing a fine adjustment to exactly center the probe. Click the LOWER button to lower the probe so that it hovers just above the surface. Keep moving the nozzle until it is as close to centered as possible.

Be sure the surface is well lit and look at the nozzle from different angles before continuing.

Misaligned Paste

The cause of paste misalignment depends on how the paste is misaligned. We recommend that you take advantage of the Confirm Pad step to catch any misalignment issues before printing solder paste. 

Shifted or Rotated

If the symptom is that: 

  • All of the dispensed paste is slightly too far in one direction relative to the PCB pads, or 
  • One pad is centered, but the paste appears rotated relative to the PCB pads

This means that the pad locate step was not done accurately. Return to the pad locate step and repeat the procedure. Make sure that you are aligning with the center of the pads, not the corner or edge! 

Inconsistent Misalignment

If the dispensed paste is misaligned, but it is inconsistent, this is likely a problem with the unit calibration. This can happen if the V-One is handled improperly during transportation, storage, or operation. The V-One needs to be re-calibrated. 

Symptoms of calibration problems include: 

  • Progressively worse misalignment in one axis (X and/or Y)
  • Perpendicularity issues in printed features

If this is the case, contact us for next steps.

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